Ninja Run

Find Your Inner Ninja - October 13th
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A fun and exciting team-building event for all NWR students

The North Windy Ridge PTO is sponsoring a fun event for all students to raise funds in support of our school.

Why are we Raising Money?

Quite simply, because we want the best for the students of North Windy Ridge Intermediate School.

About this fundraiser:

North Windy Ridge is a place where student learning thrives and provides a welcoming environment for all. We believe that this is because of the incredible students that attend our school, the awesome staff who believe that relationships with students are key to optimal learning and more importantly the incredible support of our families. We could not engage in the wonderful learning opportunities and the fun things we do here without your monetary support. 

Your ongoing backing and support are both truly appreciated.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Teacher Supplies

  • Campus Improvements

  • Rewards for Good Behavior

  • Student Clubs

  • Mini-Grants/Wish Lists for Classrooms

  • Staff Appreciation Events

Parent Information

It's time for the Ninja Run!  On October 13th the NWR ninjas will be running the obstacle course and we need your help.  

Please check out the links below to sign up for the volunteer opportunity (or opportunities!) of your choice, both before and on the day of the event.

Prize Patrol

The Big Event

Thank you so much for your support of our students!


Want to cheer your child on? Please join us on the big day. Your child’s teacher will send the specific start time for his or her class via Dojo, Remind, or email. And you can definitely watch your child’s class on the course while you volunteer! 

Collecting Pledges

We’ve asked the students of NWR to collect pledges of financial support for the Ninja Run. This is our main fundraising event of the year, and our goal is to raise $20,000!

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Who should you ask for pledges?
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, coaches, pastors, co-workers, everybody you know!

About the Course

This year the course includes

  • Hill climb 

  • Army crawl

  • Hiking trail 

  • Agility weave

  • Agility tires 

  • Wall climb

  • Tire pull 

  • Dance Party at Finish

Students participate as a class, along with their teachers, and they love it! The Ninja Course is for students of all abilities.

Each obstacle will have an alternative activity (such as jumping jacks) that students may choose to do. We are reinforcing our H.A.W.K.S. character traits with this event. Cheering on classmates and giving a helping hand are just as valuable as completing the obstacles.
Teamwork is a must!

NWR PTO Overview

The North Windy Ridge PTO is a Parent-Teacher organization that works for the betterment of the school. The objective of the PTO shall be to create a closer relationship between home and school, to enhance the learning environment, to provide and maintain an open network of communications between the
school and community, and to foster parent/guardian involvement in the educational process.

There are informational tabs that will give you more information on the organization, and allow you to know what is going on.

Contact Information

If you need to contact the NWR PTO:

1) send an email to;

2) Write a note, with the word “PTO” on the outside of the note or envelope, and send it in with your child to school;

3) Go to our North Windy Ridge PTO Facebook page to post a question or comment there. Follow the NWR PTO page.

NWR PTO Board & Committee Members

President: Stephanie Rodrigue

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Elizabeth Rabun

Treasurer: Catherine Zlab

Co-Treasurer: Vacant

Hospitality: Kristy Hollister

Fundraising: Donna Acevedo

Communications: Gina King

NWR Staff Members

Doris Sellers - principal
Bill Honey - assistant principal
Mandy Brewer - bookkeeper

Activities and Items Supported by NWR PTO

The funds the PTO raises each year support many areas of need, money that the school does not receive from the state, or school system, or from other resources. The NWR PTO has paid for, and will continue to pay for, the following, as specified each year:

  • Major Project each year - such as Outdoor Classroom, Shade Structure, Playground Improvements, Technology for the school

  • PBIS

  • Field Trips

  • Student Clubs

  • Teacher Allotments

  • Principal Discretionary Fund

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

1.     Fundraising- To assist in many areas as needed. These needs will be specified, depending on the particular fundraiser that the PTO puts on.

2.     Hospitality - Several times during the school year, the PTO hosts an event (i.e. teacher appreciation luncheon, etc.) that requires baked goods or other refreshments. Volunteers can sign-up to help provide these goodies and work the events.

3.     Dinner Nights - Assist with Dinner Night Coordinators, in putting on 3-4 Dinner Nights a year, help with setup, serving or clean up.

4.     Picture Day – Picture days require some volunteers to help with students, or help the photographer in any way.

5.     Health Fair- To assist with various health-related screenings for our students. This event is held in the fall.

6.     Book Fairs – Held two times a year at most, the school librarian needs a few volunteers to help with manning the cash register, making sales, keeping the books and other items neat on display and generally being present during open hours of the Book Fair.

7.  “One Time Projects”- There are several times during the school year when volunteers are needed for “One Time” Projects”. As the PTO receives requests from staff or PTO committees for volunteers, they call parents that have checked this option and may be available for a short, one-time task.