All students should be reading 30 minutes every night. For those students who love reading, this will come naturally. For others, it will be a great goal to work towards! Research supports daily reading as one of the best methods to improve one's reading fluency and comprehension. Choice and flexibility are important! I encourage students to read books, magazines, novels, etc. they enjoy. If you find your child struggling to sit and read for 30 consecutive minutes, partner reading can be a great tool. Sit and read with them. Have them read a page, then you read a page.  We can work together to ensure success for your child! For those of you with a child who would stay up all night reading, talk to them, in-depth, about what they are reading. Ask them lots of questions!

Students will also have Greek and Latin stems to study each week.

Occasionally, students will bring home unfinished work from class.