Parent Resources

Parent Resources: Survey and Symbaloo
Below is a Parent Survey you are filling out after Meet the Teacher.
Please ask any question or provide any information you need to on that survey. 

Parent Survey

Below you will find a Symbaloo containing all of the general resources you will need as a parent. All you need to do is click on the icon and it will take you there!

Click this link to go to it!
Symbaloo Image

For contact between parent and teacher regarding important calendar dates, school activities, and behavior.

Khan Academy:
A mastery based learning tool for Math we use frequently in the classroom. A great place to stay updated on your child's progress and to go for extra help and practice.
We will be completing assignments on here as well as taking notes from Khan Academy's YouTube channel. Their videos work on YouTube for your child but they do not work from Khan Academy's website. 

We will be using this Math website everyday. Provides tons of practice that gradually gets harder the more your child answers correctly. This is our main Math practice website and will be extremely important this year. 

A mastery based learning tool for math facts. If your students need extra help with their math facts, it never hurts to practice at home. It takes only 6 minutes!

A fun game that combines Math with some RPG turn-based video game elements. Will have assignments on here each week for students who finish early and want to keep doing math but have some fun at the same time. 

A video tool with comprehension questions built into the videos! Used often for Science and occasionally Math. Great place to review our current content!

A Science vocabulary flash card website. An excellent place to go for extra practice and for parents to stay updated on what we are learning in Science!

We will use this everyday in class and somewhat virtually.  It allows students the teacher to control the pace of a Powerpoint presentation while also including some interactive features. 

Kahoot and Quizizz:
Both of these are websites where small quizzes can happen on the computer. Have some fun interactive features. 

This is a website for students to go read articles about lots of different subjects. Students who finish all of their Math and Science work early can go to this website for extra reading of articles they find interesting. 

Google Classroom
This will be our main learning management system this year. Every single thing students do this year will either be attached to or linked from the Google Classroom assignment. If they go here, they will be able to access all assignments and activities from here. 

IAM (RapidIdentity)
Students will take quizzes on this website.