Everybody READ!
What's the most important thing your child can do at home to become a better reader?  Read, of course.  All of my students need to be reading an appropriate level book for 30 minutes every night. Weekend reading is strongly suggested.

Parents encourage reading by being reading role 
models. Let your child catch you reading magazines, newspapers, poetry, or novels, and they are likely to jump into reading.   So stop by the public library and fill your tote bag with some good books for the whole family! While you're there, I encourage students to fill out the simple form to receive their own free library card (parent signature required).

Encourage your child to start and finish her books within a week to ten days. Very long texts, 300 pages or more, may take longer.  I take the students to the media center every Monday for book exchange.  

Students need to read all kinds of books to become strong in all areas.  Many fifth graders select fiction chapter books, but what's best is variety!  Folktales, poems, short stories, informational texts, mysteries, science fiction, manuals, and humorous books make for a versatile reader. Nonfiction reading of books of science, history, self-selected topics, and biographies helps students expand their knowledge. 

All 5th grade students at NWR are taking part in the 40 Book Challenge. 
Thank you for encouraging reading at home!