Developing the Reading Habit

Books.png   Everybody READ!
What's the most important thing your child can do at home to become a better reader?  Read, of course. Students need to be reading a book with an appropriate level of challenge for at least 20 minutes every night. Reading books online is convenient during pandemic times. Like adults, children may have a preference for reading online or holding a book in their hands. 

Parents encourage reading by being reading role models. Let your child catch you reading magazines, newspapers, technical reading, poetry, or novels, and they are likely to get interested.   
Encourage your child to start and finish her books within a week to ten days. Very long texts will take longer. Engagement is key. 

Taking 3 - 5 minutes to chat with your child about their book is a great way to encourage reading, especially if you share what you're reading for work or for entertainment. These informal conversations could be during a meal, in the car, or while working together doing dishes or yard work.  

Students need to read all kinds of books to grow. Folktales, poems, short stories, chapter books, informational texts, mysteries, science fiction, manuals, and humorous books make for a versatile reader. Nonfiction reading of books of science, history, self-selected topics, and biographies helps students expand their knowledge and content-area vocabulary.
Thank you for encouraging reading at home!

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