English Language arts projects

Readers from Prott's class

At the beginning of the year, we build our learning community by sharing our interests and finding common ground among our class members. 

Mrs. Neal's homeroom

Sharing "The Reader in Me" and our reading goals

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Our adventures with Literature Circles...

Here are a few student comments about learning to be in a Literature Circle: 

"I think that doing (Lit Circles) is a fun way to be reading a book with a group. I like how we do something different each time." --- B.G.

"I think I am doing really good because I am getting my work finished... I am doing good in my word wizard, and my group is all focused and we all get our work finished. I think I am in a hard working group, and I think it is a good thing that I am in my group."   -- A.F. 

"I think I did really good with this. I really liked asking the questions. Sins this is the first time I had done it, it was a little hard to read that much. But now I can keep up with reading much better. -- E.B. 

"...I have to give a shout out for P----. She works really hard and she is really encouraging." -- K.P.