EdPuzzle Help Page


IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE ACCESSING THESE VIDEOS AT HOME: These instructions may help you.... If not....please use another device at home - the BCS firewalls won't affect other personal devices and that may be the problem. INSTRUCTIONS for HomeWork Videos

If you are having trouble getting EdPuzzle Videos to work at home on your school laptop:


  1. Open up CHROME as your browser.

  2. Find the “IAM” link on your BookMarks Bar and click it.

  3. Are you prompted to log on to Z-Scaler?  (No?  Go on to #5.)  If so, go ahead and logon using your Z-Scaler logon:

UN: lunchnumber@k12bcs.net PW:  regular password

  1. If you have to click IAM again, do so.

  2. It should open up your Rapid Identity logon prompt.  Enter your UserName and PassWord for Rapid Identity (IAM).

  3. Open up a new tab on your browser and open up your school email (GMail account).  Leave this tab open.

  4. Open up another new tab and go to YouTube.  Begin watching ANY video for just a few seconds.  Pause the video. Leave this tab open.

  5. Open up another new tab and open up EdPuzzle.  Logon, and now everything should work smoothly - allowing you to watch the videos without any errors and answer the questions.

  6. Will this work on 100% of our student devices?  We can only be that lucky.  So, yes, there may be a few of you who, for some reason or another, are still blocked by issues.  All we can ask is for you to close everything out and try it again from the beginning.  But, after a few attempts, don’t sweat it - just email me (robert.miller@bcsemail.org) what errors or issues you experienced.

IF you are still unable to access the videos, please make a note of the issue and email me so we can look into it.  robert.miller@bcsemail.org