Virtual School

Fox/Lawing/Tracy Team
English Language Arts
Virtual Days Information

*My office hours are from 7:30-3:30.
*The students are familiar with Google Classroom, so I will continue to use this as my  Learning Management System. 
*Students should regularly check their emails for additional information.
*Students can email me at whenever they have questions or concerns. I will check my email beyond the scheduled office hours. 

As needed, I will send additional information to your email address, so please check it regularly. All articles and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. I am not sending a new stem list this week. Any issues that you might encounter, we can work through together. You guys are awesome kiddos, and you are well prepared to do this from home, and I, of course, will be available everyday to answer your questions. It is NOT my goal to cause additional stress by sending unnecessary busy work, but with that being said, please take the assignments seriously that I do post to Google Classroom because they will be counted toward your 4th 9-weeks average. It is also very important that you continue to login into IXL and complete recommendations. I will be calculating grades based on the number of questions you answered.