Feed Your Brain

Brain-based Nutrition and Educational Resources

    Picture of eggsFor Alertness & Concentration 

Canadian Bacon
ham or turkey lunch meat

For Energy Picture of sunflower seeds

Peanut Butter
Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds
Walnuts and Almonds
Low-fat Cream Cheese

 For Calmness 
Fresh Veggies
Fresh Fruit
100% Juices
Mini-Pizza with Meat and Cheese

Brain Friendly Snacks: Picture of popcorn  
  • popcorn
  • mixed nuts  
  • carrots   
  • raisins    
  • yogurt    
  • brown rice  
  • energy bars 
  • veggie sticks    
  • fresh fruit    
  • dried fruits  

Did you know?

Children learn best through movement. Music makes use of more areas of the brain; as a result, the whole brain becomes involved in the learning process.

 Source: Psychology Today