Supply List

2019-2020 5th Grade Supply List

North Windy Ridge Intermediate School  

The items listed below are used by all 5th grade classrooms at North Windy Ridge. Each teacher will add some supplies that are specific to their classroom. The additional supply list for our team is listed at the bottom.

3 marble composition books

1 zippered pencil pouch with holes for binder

12 pk. of colored pencils

3-4 boxes of #2 pencils

Large personal eraser

2-4 Elmer’s glue sticks

1 hand held pencil sharpener (that collects shavings)

2 pks. of wide ruled notebook paper

2 boxes of tissues

Ear buds and cleaning cloth for laptop

Backpack with computer carrying capability

Additional for Johnson/Trader Team

1 Accordian - Expanding File System

1 more marbled composition notebook

1 (1 ½”) binder (please no other size)

1 pk. of 5 tab dividers

Box of Crayola Markers (optional communal use)

Accordian Folder image

Pencils image