Each 9 weeks, we will have a different homework task.
1st Quarter - Reading & Logs, Book Talk
2nd Quarter - Genius Hour
3rd Quarter - 5 Paragraph Research Essays
4th Quarter - Test Review

1st Quarter - Nightly Reading

Students are expected to read 30 minutes on their own at least 4 nights a week.
They will fill out a calendar log, requiring your initials that they read each night.
We will end the quarter with Book Talks on what they read.  I will update here with needed information as we get closer.

 The number of minutes reading each year is hugely important to the development of a student.  Please check out the graphic below to see how minutes reading can affect a child.  Please hold your child accountable for doing nightly reading.

Parents can help make reading time the most effective by making sure their child's book is on the right level.   If there are 5 or more unknown words on any given page of a book, the book is probably too hard right now. It might be a wonderful book for you and your child to read together.  Likewise, if there are no new words, the book's probably on the easy side.  Many parents find it enjoyable to read a book along with their child.  We are happy to announce that the NWR library will offer parent-child sets of books for check out this year!

 The importance of reading daily!