Meet the Teacher 

Welcome to all those enjoying the wonders of the internet cosmos. I hope you poke around my webpage and uncover the wonky delights of our ELA/Social Studies fifth-grade classroom at North Windy Ridge. Also, I hope to share with you some tidbits about, well -- me!

After earning my bachelor's in elementary education from Lees-McRae College, I held up my shiny new degree, turned my face to the world, and went in search of a job. After a month of scouring the internet for positions, I stumbled across the fifth grade ELA/Social Studies opening at North Windy Ridge. The school was beautiful, fifth grade was the grade I wanted, and in addition to all that greatness -- I was going to teach two subjects that I loved. Was this too good to be true? However, in a whirlwind of events, which included the fabulous Mrs. Byerly running out of the building after the interview to give me the job, I had become a teacher -- officially.

One year later, I have discovered that I am the luckiest person on earth. It is rare to find a job that one could do for free. I have never loved anything more than what I do on a daily basis, and it is an absolute honor to be part of the North Windy team. A wise man once said, "[In life] all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." I have decided that teaching the love of learning, and inspiring our future generations to become inspirations themselves -- is a goal worthy of dedicating my life.   
Outside of North Windy Ridge, my idea of a lovely afternoon is a long book, a warm cup of tea, and my flat-faced cat. I love all things Tolkien, Rowling, and Lewis who have been the great teachers I've never met, but adore. I'm the kind of reader that you may find sleeping at Barnes and Noble, and whose face turns red when asked about how many books I buy a month. I am an aspiring author, and when I'm not pounding away at my computer, I usually spend my time thrifting through junk to find wonky treasures for our classroom!