Class Supply List

Mrs. Braswell Class Supply List


Supply List

3-3 Ring Binder (planner and homework) / Classwork / Data collection

2 sets of Subject dividers to put in binder 3

2 Pocket folders with holes (any kind)

Pencil Box (can use last years)

Pencils – If you use them.

Erasers (not pencil top)

Crayons or Colored Pencils (can use last years)

Washable Markers (can use last years)

Scissors (can use last years)

Glue sticks

Spare set of clothing

Earbuds or earphones




Classroom Supplies Needed


Gallon /Pint Size Freezer Bags

Sandwich size Ziploc Bags


Erasers (not pencil top)



Card stock

Clear plastic shoe boxes with lids

Velcro (sticky back)


Personal Care Products (If student needs these)

Diapers/Pull ups


3 sets of clothes

Any other items your child needs