Direct Donation

Direct Donation to NWR PTO
We expect that not every family here at North Windy Ridge Intermediate School will participate in every fundraiser. Our families are as unique as our students and so we offer a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. We want every family to contribute in the way that suits their family best. Some families actually prefer to purchase items from catalog sales, knowing that the purchase of something they wanted or needed anyway also supports their child's education. Some parents bypass all of our fundraisers and just write a check to the NWR PTO so that they know 100% of their donated dollars will directly benefit their child and all of the children here at North Windy Ridge. Plus, NWR PTO is a 501(c)3 entity, so your cash/check donations are tax deductible!  
We are so very grateful for ALL financial support made to our PTO through any of the fundraisers we run, and through generous donations made directly to the PTO. It is only with the support of our parent community that we are able to fund the purchase of supplies that benefit students and teachers, pay for field trips, playground improvements, technology improvements and other special projects. We love providing wonderful experiences for all the children here at North Windy Ridge.
If you are interested in making a direct donation, please make a check payable to NWR PTO and send it to the front office.  We are happy to provide a donation letter for tax purposes to anyone who requests it.
We are looking forward to a great year and hope you will choose to support our efforts through any of the other fundraisers we run, or through a direct donation. THANK YOU as always for your support!”