Bus Information

*A parent or guardian must send a note to request a change of bus assignment or route drop-off location due to a special circumstance via the student.  The note needs to include the parent/guardian’s name, the reason for the request, and a contact telephone number.  The student should then turn the note into their homeroom teacher or directly to the office.  These notes, if approved, will be initialed by the school administration and a bus pass will be issued back to the student by the end of the day to give to the bus driver.  Approval of these special requests is at the discretion of the school administration and is contingent upon the space available on the bus as overloading the bus creates an unsafe situation and is against Buncombe County and the state of North Carolina Transportation safety regulations.  Transportation changes will not be accepted after 2:00 pm each day.

*Please review the bus safety rules located in the Student Agenda Book.  Riding a school bus is a privilege.  Rules will be enforced and it is the expectation of the school administration that students respect our bus drivers and their massive responsibilities.  Positive incentives will also be utilized during the year to recognize appropriate student performance.  

**Our primary concern is the safety of all of our students.  Thank you for your partnership.**