School Improvement Plan and Team

To access the School Improvement Plan and minutes from School Improvement team meetings visit the Indistar Site.




2020-21 School Improvement Team Members

Brent Wise- Principal- Permanent Member
Michael Benigno- Assistant Principal- Permanent Member
Barbara Budhisetiawan- Exploratory- Elected 2019- Chair
Scott Kessler- Grade 6- Elected 2019
Tonya Lawing- Grade 6- Elected 2020
Aubrey Cripps- Grade 5- Elected 2019
Suzie Johnson- Grade 5- Elected 2020
Kim Ferguson or Jeremy Aten- Title One- Permanent Member
Katrina Oliver- Counselor- Elected 2020 
Gail Buckner- Curriculum- Permanent Member
Stephanie Troop- Special Education- Elected 2019
Rachel Brillisour- Media Specialist- Permanent Member
Judy Palmer- Non Certified Representative- Elected 2020
Dawn Chitwood- PTO Representative