MathCounts Competition

MathCounts Competition
Students from North Windy Ridge recently took part in the MathCounts Competition at the Buncombe County Schools Central Office.  North Windy was the only Intermediate school at the event.  We are very proud of our students who competed. 

6th Grade Competitors: Ian Endries, Dominic Freeman, Trent Clark, Jacob Quade, Cahill MacEachern, Sam Parker, Deven Hearst, Utah Werner, Les Otis, Tripp Switzer, Makena Kurlander, and Isaac Golden.

Jacob Quade receieved 2nd place for the overall competition and top sixth grade male.

Cahill MacEachern received top sixth grade female.

Top ten 6th grade students included Trent Clark, Isaac Golden, Makena Kurlander, Cahill MacEachern, Leslie Otis, Jacob Quade, and Utah Werner.

Congratulations to these students and to the North Buncombe Middle team.

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