Links and Information for Virtual School

Links and Information for Virtual School
Hello Parents,
Teachers are in the process of putting together their virtual school plans.  They will share this information with students through email, Canvas, and/or Google Classroom. Information will also be available through teacher websites.

A few links and reminders that may be needed:

BCS Virtual School webpage

 BCS Help Desk
Open Monday- Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm
A Spanish Speaking tech is available 8:00am - 4:00pm.
If you visit the BCS Virtual School webpage you will have the option of live chatting with a tech.

This site should be bookmarked on student devices but the shortcut occasionally stops working or disappears. BCS students use this link as a single sign-in tool to access many apps for learning including Google Drive, Canvas, and SchoolNet.  Clever includes links to NewsELA, iReady, Sora, and a number of other sites.
The username and password are the same as the device login.

Z-Scaler is our filter for the BCS devices.  Some websites require a Z-Scaler login to determine if students can access the site. The Z-Scaler login is:
student ID, same password as the computer password.
(Students frequently call this number their lunch number.)
Example: and usual password

Student email addresses can be found in Google Drive. The formula is: 
first initial last name last four digits of ID number - no spaces
such as

IXL access- All students use this program for math and some for ELA
Username: first letter of first name last name last four digits of lunch number @northwindyridge
such as: astudent1234@northwindyridge
Password: Last four digits of ID or lunch number

Installing Zoom
Zoom is a way teachers can video conference with their students.  The connection will happen from the teacher's end but the students do need to install Zoom first.
Zoom Directions