AIG Curriculum

Engineering a Bridge In addition to required activities, the children will participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities this year. STEM activities develop curiosity and expose children to 21st Century skills.  AIG staff spent last year developing STEAM units. Art activities have been added to STEM to provide varied learning opportunities for our gifted children. 

Required Activities in Grade 5  (Power and Control)

• Journeys – a concept-based unit on immigration

• Use digital technology as a tool to research and communicate information

• Caesar's English - Advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin roots (Lessons 13 – 20)

• Review Six Thinking Hats [DeBono]

• Gifted Awareness

• Algebraic Thinking

Required Activities in Grade 6 (Action and Courage)

• Building Bridges – a concept-based unit on understanding cultural differences

• Part 1 of a 3-year concept-based unit on financial literacy

• Use digital technology to create an authentic project

• Gifted Awareness