NWR Ninja Run and Fundraiser

NWR Ninja Run and Fundraiser

The First Ever North Windy

Ninja Run  and Fundraiser


A fun and exciting team-building event for all NWR students


Friday, October 12th, 2018 on our school’s field and nature trail

The Ninja Course

We have created a Ninja Course on campus with a 3-part Ninja challenge.

  •  The Mental Challenge – There will be challenges for memory and awareness along the course.  Brainpower will be necessary for success!
  • The Physical Challenge – It’s an obstacle course, but students will have options at each station to ensure their comfort and confidence. 

> nature trail OR walk a lap

> tire bridge OR jumping jacks

> agility tires OR high knees

> tractor tire pull (as a team)

> military crawl OR 3 pushups

> noise meter (as a team)

  • Teamwork Challenge – Each homeroom class is a team.  Students will not be allowed to move on to the next obstacle until the entire class has completed the previous one.  So teamwork is a MUST! 

We are reinforcing our H.A.W.K.S. character traits with this event.  Cheering your classmates on and lending a helping hand will be just as valuable as physical prowess. 

This course has been designed with students of all abilities in mind.  We think the students are going to love it!  Want to watch fun videos of staff members and students doing the obstacles?  Check it out at www.funrun.com!


Parents, the Ninja Run is NWR’s biggest volunteer need of the year.

Ready to help?  Call our volunteer coordinator at 828-215-4606 or go to https://tinyurl.com/NWRninja18 to sign up for a shift.   THANK YOU!

Want to cheer your child on?  Please join us on the big day!  Ask your child’s teacher for the specific start time for their class.  (P.S., you can definitely watch your child’s class on the course while you volunteer!)


Collecting Pledges

We’ve asked the students of NWR to collect pledges of financial support for the Ninja Run.  This is our main fundraising event of the year, and our goal is to raise $15,000 in pledges! 

Last year we used funrun.com to accept pledges for running laps.  This year we are still using the familiar pledge-gathering website, but we will be collecting “flat amount” donations for completing the course. 

There are 2 ways to get pledges.

  • Collect pledges online (Our most efficient method!).  Register your student at www.funrun.com.  You can easily use Facebook and/or email to invite family and friends to pledge by sharing a link to your student’s pledge page.  Plus, if you have used this platform before, your information will still be on file.  Easy Peasy!
  • Collect pledges via cash or check.  If you’d prefer this method, your student just needs to request a “Ninja Card” from their teacher, which will give you further instructions.


Below are just a few examples of prizes.  More info about prizes on funrun.com!

> Homework pass for any student who raises $30 or more

> Ninja water bottle for any student who raises $100 or more

> Lunch on us for any student who raise $200 or more

> Field trip to Play Staytion for any student who raises $350 or more!

Additionally, the class that raises the most money will earn a “Slushy party!”


Quite simply, because we want the best for the students of North Windy Ridge Intermediate School.

This year our PTO budget includes:

  •   $200.00 for EACH teacher and specialist to have an allotment for purchasing supplies needed for their classroom.  (And we have a LOT of teachers!)
  •   $2,000.00 for a “mini-grant” program, allowing teachers to implement special projects and new educational methods for students
  •  $1,200.00 allocated for students’ club activities
  •   Plus, funds for student experiences such as the end-of-year kickball tournament, the Talent Show, an End of Year celebration and more!
  • If we meet our $15,000 pledge goal, the students will receive $500 towards a project of their choice!

But we can’t make these things happen unless we raise money! 


THANK YOU for supporting the Ninja Run!!