Neal, Heather

Welcome to my 5th grade English Language Arts & Social Studies Classroom! 


Mrs. Heather Neal
NWR phone: 828.658.1892


Mrs. Neal, 5th-grade teacher

Mrs. Heather Neal is a fifth-grade English Language Arts and social studies teacher. She’s taught in the North Buncombe District for 27 years and loves teaching at North Windy Ridge, where she helped open the school in 2002.

Fifth grade is an amazing age to teach! Mrs. Neal prepares students to be college and career-ready by encouraging student leadership development, incorporating research and individualized and collaborative projects, integrating technology, and guiding students to form a compassionate community. Mrs. Neal emphasizes the understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. For matters of the heart, Mrs. Neal expects students to dive deeply into literature and poetry. For the curious mind, the class reads and studies a variety of nonfiction topics. To promote, deepen, and remember thoughts, the class writes and listens to others. Mindfulness, empathy, and kindness are important threads of the classroom experience.


Mrs. Neal is a 1993 graduate of Appalachian State University (B.S. Elementary Education) and a 2003 graduate of Western Carolina University (MaEd Comprehensive Education). She grew up in Buncombe County and is a 1989 graduate of T.C. Roberson High School.

Life beyond school

Mr. and Mrs. Neal have 2 daughters, one at NBHS and the elder at Appalachian State University. The family includes 2 exuberant boxers. The Neal family enjoys tent camping, volunteering together at a food pantry, traveling, going to the movies and the beach, walking and playing with our dogs, and being involved with church. Mrs. Neal walks and reads for self-renewal.

Team Teacher Mr. Devon Prott

Mrs. Neal and Mr. Devon Prott have great teamwork and amazing students! They have been teaching in a team for several years. Mr. Prott teaches math & science. The teachers usually meet together with families to support the whole student and in all school subjects.