Drama Club

This year there will be two groups for the Drama Club.

1- A Troubadour Group who will perform a play that will be presented to NWR classes later in March.

2- The Lion King Kids production.  A co-production with No. Buncombe Middle School.

On Sept 18-20, you will be able to sign-up for Drama Club along with the general club sign-ups.  Look/listen for announcements.

The Lion King requires you audition on Sept 24 after school.

If you audition for The Lion King Kids and are cast in that show, then you are automatically a member of the drama club this year.


a co-production with North Buncombe Middle School

The cast and chorus will be filled by students from both schools (grades 5th - 8th)

Performances for early Spring (dates yet to be determined)

SEPT 24 - AUDITIONS for lead roles

The lead roles will be shared with NBMS students 

Click here for the Audition Permission Form.  This form must be filled out and turned in to Mr. Miller BEFORE Friday Sept 20, otherwise you will not be allowed to stay after school on Sept 24 or 25 to audition. (There are more details in the form, so please read all of the fine print.)

To audition:  you must prepare a song and a monologue.

Song:  sing a song that you know very well - you will only sing for a few minutes

Monologue:  a monologue is a “speech” that one character speaks in a play.

Best thing to do is Google “Monologues for kids” in a search on the internet - it will bring up many choices and options for you.

Or...you can recite a poem.

But - we’re looking for a high-energy presentation from you - how well can you play a character! CLICK HERE to see the Morning News announcement for the Auditions.