2019-2020 Club Descriptions (Club sign-up occurred in the fall.) BATTLE OF THE BOOKS - 5TH GRADE Club Leaders: Kim Ferguson & Jeremy Aten,  Title I Reading Teachers, & Aubrey Cripps, 5th grade Lang Arts/ SS teacher. Are you a fifth grader who loves to read? Then Battle of the Books is the club for you! BOB is an after school club for students who love to read.  Students work together throughout the school year to read a list of 15 books. In the spring, we will compete against other fifth grade teams on knowledge of the books. Teams consist of 12 students total, but six students compete per round. Students answer questions with the book title and author. Fifth grade BOB meets after school every Monday (except early release days) in the Media Center until 3:45 beginning October 14 through March 9. Go to the media center for a copy of the book list. Fee is $25.00 for a club t-shirt and lunch on the day of the competition. Space is  limited 12 students.

-BATTLE OF THE BOOKS - 6TH GRADE Club Leaders: Rachel Brillsour, Media Specialist & Dietra Garden, Art Teacher.  LOVE to read? Are you in sixth grade? The Battle of the Books is the club for you! Battle of the Books is an after school club for sixth grade students who LOVE to read. Students work throughout the school year to read a list of 22 books. In the spring we will compete against other Intermediate and Middle School teams on knowledge of the books. Teams consist of twelve students total, but six students compete per round. Students answer questions with the book title and author. Sixth grade Battle of the Books meets after school on Wednesdays until 3:30.  Fee is $20.00 for a club t-shirt and lunch on the day of the competition. The team will begin meeting on October 2 through March in the Media Center. Space is limited to 12 students.

-BOARD GAME CLUB - Club leaders: Scott Kessler, 6th grade Math and Sandy Tarantino, 6th grade Social Studies and Science. Come on down to the North Hall and settle in to learn Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Cathedral, and more board games. Mondays in Fall (Session 1)  and Wednesdays in Winter (Session 2)  3:15-4:00 October 7-Nov 11, Jan 15-Feb 12. Space is limited to 12 students per session.

-CHORUS Club Leader: Barbara Budhisetiawan, Music Teacher. North Windy Ridge chorus is for all students who love to sing.  We will perform at least 4 times throughout the school year.  No audition required!! A $10 fee will cover the cost of a T-shirt. Chorus will meet in the Music Room 316 every Tuesday until 4:00 all year starting October 8 through May 18.  Space is limited to 60 students.

-COMPUTER CLUB: Parent run club in need of faculty sponsor. Learning coding and programming. Will run Tuesdays during the winter.

-CRIBBAGE CLUB The Card Game of 15s: Leader Brandi Fleckenstein 6th grade Math and Science teacher. Build up your number and reasoning skills with this lively card game! Come learn to play the game of Cribbage, a fast and fun game you will want to play again and again! We will meet in Mrs. Fleck's Rm 407 on North Wing Wednesdays in October. Space is limited to 12 students.

-DRAMA CLUB Club Leaders Rob Miller, 5th Grade Math/ Science Teacher, Rhonda Fox, 6th Grade Math/ Science Teacher Aubrey Cripps 5th grade ELA/SS teacher & Amanda Claffey, 6th Grade Language Arts/ S.S. Teacher. This year there will be two groups for the Drama Club.
1- A Troubadour Group who will perform a play that will be presented to NWR classes later in March. This group will also work on smaller presentations for Christmas and One-Book One-School.
2- The Lion King Kids production.  A co-production with No. Buncombe Middle School.
Both groups will meet on Wednesdays for club.  The Lion King cast will meet with Mr. Miller and the troubadour cast will meet with Miss Cripps, Mrs. Fox or Mrs. Claffey.
We are accepting 10-15 students for the Troubadour Group and about 8-10 students for The Lion King.
This club will meet in the Gym on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15 starting November 6 through early March.

-MATHCOUNTS CLUB Leader Trista Huffman 6th grade Math/Science. Do you have perseverance? In other words you don't give up when you tackle difficult problems. Do you day dream of math when you are in ELA class? Do you enjoy going head to head, mind to mind, matching knowledge with others? Then MATHCOUNTS just might be for you. This club will meet Mondays from 3:15-4:00 in Rm 322. It will run from Oct. 7 - Dec. 9. Space is limited to 20 students

-RUNNING CLUB  Hawks Flight Club Leaders: Amy Jamerson, 6th Gr School Counselor, Devon Prott, 5th Grade Math/Science teacher, Trista Huffman, 6th Grade Math/Science teacher. Do you enjoy jogging?  If so, this club is for you. We will learn about stretching techniques, nutrition, and personal fitness. Each student will set goals to gradually increase their distance and time, with the end goal of completing a 5K run. Please be prepared each week with appropriate outdoor clothing and tennis shoes. We’ll meet from 3:00-4:00 on Mondays during the Spring season, starting March 23 through May. We will begin each meeting with a snack and then head out to run the NWR outdoor track and trails. $10 fee will cover T-shirts, snacks and water.  Space is limited to 50 students.

-SAL (Student Author & Artist Library Club) Club Leader: Kelley Edmonds, 5th Grade Language Arts/ S.S. Teacher. Are you interested in reading your fellow classmates' stories? Do you appreciate the beauty of art? Do you like working with technology? If you answered yes to these questions, you should join SAL! This is our Student Author and Artist online Library where only students at North Windy Ridge can access and enjoy original writing and artwork.  An application process will include recommendations from teachers and a parent signature.  Interested students should pick up an application outside of Mrs. Edmonds’ classroom. SAL will meet at least once per month on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15, from October 8 - May 26, in Mrs. Edmonds' Room - 207. Space is limited to 11 participants

-SKI CLUB Club Leaders: Suzie Johnson, 5th Grade Math/ Science teacher, Dietra Garden, Art Teacher, Tim Armerding, Custodian, Brent Wise, Principal. This winter, students will be able to ski (or learn to ski) for an exceptionally low price, thanks to Wolf Ridge Ski Resort supporting our school. Starting in January, when we return from winter break, students will be offered an after school ski trip every Tuesday through February 25 (weather permitting). The cost is $32 per student each week for transportation, lift ticket & ski rental (Group ski/ board lessons are included). (Snowboards can be rented for $5 more. A helmet is required. You may bring your own or rent one for $5). Permission forms and additional information will be sent home before the winter break in December. We will depart NWR at 3:00 pm on Tuesdays and return to school by 8:30 pm for student pick up. Space is limited to 35 students.

-SOCCER CLUB: Parent Sponsor Thorsten Path and Andrew Beasley, 6th grade ELA teacher, will run this indoor soccer club for students interested in playing.  The club will meet Tuesdays beginning in October from 3:00-4:00 in the gym.  Space is limited to 24 students.

-VOLLEYBALL CLUB Club Leader: Cindy Anderson, PE Teacher. Interested in Volleyball?  Students who choose to participate in the volleyball club will have the opportunity to learn, improve, and/or enhance their basic volleyball skills of serving, passing, setting, and/or spiking. We will meet on Tuesdays 3:15-4:00 in the gym from January 7 - February 25. Space is limited to 12 students.

-WINTER WALKERS Club Leader: Heather Neal, 5th Grade Language Arts/ S.S. teacher.  Lace up those tennis shoes and stay strong this winter! Winter Walkers will enjoy walking together and getting to make new friends. Students will set personal goals, and we'll celebrate achievements together. Most walking will be done outdoors in the fresh air. This club will meet in Mrs. Neal's room 103 West on Tuesdays from 3:10-4:00 from Dec. 4 - Feb 5. Space is limited to 12 students.

-3D PRINTING CLUB Club Leader: Russell Thompson, STEM Teacher. Learn the ins and outs of 3d design and printing in this club. We'll work on the basics and then take our design skills to the next level by completing a larger project. Projects will be printed in the STEM room or in the media center. This club will meet on Mondays 3:00-4:00 February 17 - March 30 in the STEM Room. Space is limited to 10 students.