Overview - What is Title 1?

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Overview of the Title One Program at North Windy Ridge School


Reading Specialists:  Kimberly Ferguson and Jeremy Aten

Title One Instructional Assistants:  Mary Katherine Hale, Libby Wilfong, Peggy Williams, and Veronica Walsh


What is Title One

Title One is a federally funded program designed to help students succeed in reading.  Schools with a poverty rate above 40% may use Title One funds to operate a "school wide program".  Like the majority of schools in Buncombe County,  North Windy Ridge school is a Title One school meaning all students receive targeted reading instruction.  Our specific program is called EPIC which stands for "Everyone Participates in a Challenge".   Each student at North Windy Ridge receives at least 30 minutes of small group reading instruction tailored to their individual needs.  In addition, Title One funding allows our school to improve our teaching supplies, train our teachers, as well as provide after school tutoring and parent outreach. 

What is Title One Russian

      Title One Annual Meeting Video